Do you source fabrics for us?

We do not source fabrics for clients, however, we can reccomend great places you can go to source not only fabrics, but labels, digital printing, trims and anything special you may need.

  If I give you something now, when should I expect it to be ready?

Generally, we advise that you plan your order ahead and book a slot. 20 + quantity garments take 20- 40 days depending on how busy it is at the time.

  Can you come to me or do I go to you?

All our work from consulting to manufacturing stays within the office. We ask that you kindly book an appointment. Walk-in alteration clients are an exception.

  How can I guarantee the safety of my fashion label?

Although we love celebrating creative work done right here in our studio, Our clients are still more than welcome to request confidentiality. For that we provide a signed agreement with terms and conditions.

  How does the entire procedure work, how should I be prepared?

We provide new clients with a procedure sheet so that they know what to expect. This clearly explains the entire process, different categories or designers, rules and regulations. This can be requested via email.

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